• Taxes on project tokens, such as $SRWD, have been shown to create strong communities due to members appreciating the benefits gained through the use of the collected taxes.


  • lt is very important for these taxes, however, to stay at a level to have an impact and advance the project, which gets harder as the community grows to the projected growth we have envisioned.


  • $SRWD solution to this is the reinvest the greater tax proceeds into the creation of a 2-Factor Authentication Wallet, Partnership with lndustry Leaders in Gas-Free token swap,ShibRWDB & Shiba lnu payment processing platform. The greatest gift of all through this project is not only do we intend to provide a pathway for financial freedom for our investors, but we also are able to donate to charity initiatives set forth by our community!


  • We are always exploring new opportunities to create greater value and utility for our investors and community.