• The new trend in tokenomics of crypto assets is the incorporation of reflections (dividends),ShibRWD, however, is trailblazing a new revolutionary path! ShibRWD has created a token that generates dividends in the SHIB through reflections.


  • Through the execution of a 12% tax on every transaction, purchase, sale, and transfer, the ShibRWD Token holders are rewarded with 6% reflections in SHIB.


  • Furthermore, in this new dividend-style investing, investors not only benefit
    from the capital investment appreciation in the native token (SRWD), but also, benefit from the dividend appreciation in the foreign token (SHIB) which is not affected by the same impacts of inflation on fiat currencies.


  • The ShibRWD smart contract, to date have purchased in excess of $500,000 from the Open Market in the FIRST 9 DAYS! 
  • The ShibRWD founders’ first objective is for this project is to reach a minimum purchase of
    $1,ooo,ooo per day of SHIB. 


  • This objective not only reduces the circulating number of Shiba lnu token, increasing the price of SHIB in the open market but also increasing the value of the dividends distributed to ShibRWD investors!


  • The founders believe this objective will strengthen the longevity and success of the Shiba lnu Ecosystem and the utility it will have in the future, as SHIB nears the goal of $0.01 price per token and overtaking all other tokens in the world.