• A new report has now revealed that this year, 2021 , SHIB was the most-watched digital asset on CoinMarketCap, being viewed in excess of 1 88 million views surpassing that of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • This lllustrates the immense interest in the performance of this Token and reinforces ShibRWD’s conviction for the Shiba lnu Token’s dominance in the near future.
  • lt is of no surprise that SHIB’s price action on the charts has been extremely bullish. From the time of listing on Coinbase in the fall of 2021, SHIB has seen gains in excess of 500% as it looks to once again dethrone Dogecoin as the 13th largest asset in the world. lt is strongly believed that the Shiba lnu Token will be listed on Robinhood by early Spring, 2022.

  • This year has been the most influential year for the cryptocurrency market through the expansion of utility in every field, in more ways than one, from Blockchain gaming, expansion of DeFi applications, and the rise of NFT’s.

  • The trend has shifted from the old guards, Bitcoin and Ethereum, in the crypto space to the new Alt-Coin Ecosystem, namely Shiba lnu Ecosystem.

  • This year alone, Shiba lnu Token has generated over 1 700% returns to its investors, while BTC and ETH returns sit at 70% and 453%, respectively.

  • Apart from having a very active community, Shiba lnu has its own decentralized platform for
    trading coins called ShibaSwap. lts Total Value Locked of $384 Million is among the largest Top 30 DEX’s in the world. The platform even has their own unique collection of NFT’s called Shiboshis.